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Oklahoma vs. Florida Decide To Go Ahead With BCS Championship Game Anyway

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So it's finally here. The game almost no one wanted to see, but everyone can't stop talking about, for all the disputed, computer generated marbles.


Can you believe that this will be the 11th season under the BCS? Eleven years of a system that few people even wanted, and even fewer are satisfied with. The calls for a playoff grow louder every year, but every year that goes by, only makes the system more entrenched and, by sheer force of will, more legitimate. Maybe once ESPN takes over they will finally be the one organization big enough to push the bowls around, but for the foreseeable future this is what we're stuck with. But hey, at least we got a Big 12 team against an SEC team, right?

Oh yeah, the game. On paper, it really is an incredible matchup. Two explosive offenses. Two athletic defenses. Two Heisman Trophy-winning quarterbacks facing each other for a title. But I'm not sure the excitement equals the matchup. Why? The one-month layoff kills all interest in college football.


This pairing was finalized over four weeks ago. So what have we been waiting for again? The traditional New Year's Day college football orgy is anachronistic. (Killed by the BCS, of course.) Exams are over. Christmas never stopped anyone from playing football. Once the NFL playoffs take over the sports landscape, it's impossible to win that formerly shared attention back. Even die-hard fans have trouble mustering energy to care about bowl games other than this one. All that not caring takes a lot out of you.

Many think the NFL's two-week layoff between conference championships and the Super Bowl is too long, but it's just enough to for the pageantry and hype to build, without everyone growing frustrated and giving up. Trying playing the game in mid-March and see who cares then.

It's also why these games are traditionally not close. Give two squads an entire month to prepare for a game and they will both handle it very differently. Chances are that one approach will work, and one won't. The layoff makes people sloppy, lazy, or worse—a live wire that can't control itself. If one team is not 100% ready to work when kickoff comes, things get ugly fast.

The good news is that you have no idea who that team will be—and this time it could be neither. I honestly could not even hazard a guess as to who will win this game or how it will go down. I know I've done a lot of bitching about this broken system and why it needs to go away, but—and this "result" is not an endorsement of the BCS at all—I really do want to see these teams play each other. Oklahoma is a machine, precise and efficient. Florida is more like a wave that simply overwhelms you. I just hope the game is entertaining, and for once, I think it will be.


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