A Detroit Columnist Caught Making Stuff Up? Surely Not

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Detroit News columnist Rob Parker really doesn't appear on my radar screen much, except for this infamous column, and of course his work on the dearly departed Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith. So that's two strikes against him right there. But now comes the news that he apparently fabricated sources that said a Michigan State quarterback was involved in a recent assault of another student. He first defended his statement, made this past Sunday on the WDIV-TV Sports Final Edition show that he co-hosts, and then backtracked and apologized for the whole thing today. Parker had said on the air that Kirk Cousins, a backup quarterback for Michigan State, was involved in a fight between Michigan State football and hockey players at a party in East Lansing. One problem: Cousins' parents — who live in Holland, Mich. — say that their son was at home all that evening. MSU head coach Mark Dantonio was also not amused. Parker at first defended his sources, then issued this statement last night:

"I was wrong. I apologize," Parker said of the report. "I have reached out to the student-athlete's family and apologized. They have accepted. I also apologize to the Michigan State community."

Parker said that he will also apologize on the television show, which airs each Sunday at midnight. Don Cousins, Kirk's father, said that the family has no intention of taking any legal action against Parker.

Parker also called Don Cousins Tuesday night to personally apologize and said he will take steps beginning with Wednesday's Detroit News to set the record straight, Don Cousins said.


Mitch Albom nods his head knowingly. Anyway, it's not Parker's first run-in with the truth, as it turns out. Elsewhere in the Wonderful World of Regret: • "Sorry for the ice cube testicles, Phillies and Rays." — Mother Nature • "Sorry you bought all that Griffey merchandise." — Chicago White Sox • "Sorry for giving your kids Buddha snot on Halloween." — Japan • "Sorry in advance for finishing in last place." — New York Knicks • "Sorry for almost blowing the election for you, Mr. Obama." — Chad Johnson Rob Parker Fabricates Stories? [The World Of Isaac]