A Disgruntled Ex-Coach May Have Sent Scouting Reports And Injury Histories To All Of His Former Team's Opponents

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Oh look, it's the worst person in the world! (Allegedly.) Say hi, everyone!

Jake Burke used to be an assistant coach for the LaSalle-Peru (Ill.) Cavaliers (who we've actually featured here before). Last May, the school board voted not to re-hire him, under mysterious circumstances, but allowed him to continue teaching. On Aug. 24, L-P got mollywhomped 35-0 in their season opener. The opposing coach fessed up: a few days prior, he had received a detailed scouting report on the Cavaliers, which could have only come from someone who knew the team intimately.

The estimated 10 pages included specifics on the team's offense and defense, and confidential information on the skill levels, strengths and weaknesses of each Cavalier player. It even listed their medical histories and suggested preying on those who had been injured.


The packet, which was sent to every team on L-P's schedule, was anonymous. But the investigation quickly zeroed in on Burke, whose dismissal was really fucking mysterious. He and the baseball coach were dismissed at a contentious school board meeting in the spring, though no one would say exactly why. An audit, reported the superintendent, found that among some players, "there was disagreement and conflict with how they were treated by coaches. Some felt intimidated or even isolated by a few coaches."

Burke disagreed:

"The perception was that I have poor relationships with students. He said the perception has been generated by parents, peers and students," Burke said. "I have been told personally by parents, peers and students that my relationship with students have changed their lives and inspired them."


Students held a small demonstration to protest the dismissal of Burke and the baseball coach—"The crowd included some baseball players and track and field athletes," though, notably, no football players. Then, a week later, someone vandalized the homes and cars of two school board members.

Burke has been placed on administrative leave while the school district conducts its investigation.

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