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A Family Brawls At A Kindergarten Graduation; We Have An Eyewitness Report

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Fight at Kindergarten Graduation School of Mayhem A must see!!!!" Tonight's commentator: Rob "Cookie the Cameraman" Ziegler from Tilley Street Chronicles.


Here's what Rob, whose child just happened to be graduating that night, had to say about it:

New London, Ct. is a small town. You know the people, they know me. Oh, ok, Rob, the chief guy at Tilley Street Chronicles.

That started with me being super nosy. One time, there was a lady chasing a guy down the street with a hammer because he cheated. Weird stuff happening all the time. I got tired of explaining it to people and having them say you should have filmed it. One Father's Day, I got a camera and it started from there.

That video was from Monday (June 11). It was my son's graduation but I was working [at Guitar Center]. My wife, "Big Mama," filmed it and brought it home to me. She was disgusted, worried that they could've trampled over my son.

To her, if he got hurt, she could say, 'This is what you guys were doing.'

Half the people wanted me to put it up on YouTube. Half didn't. I didn't think about not putting it up. That type of behavior should have never happened, not in that setting. Maybe if he talked rough in girl's ear, and then handled it elsewhere but, it's like, what you're doing is embarrassing.

According to the newspaper, it was a family fight about the diploma. Mother against grandmother or something like that. The woman in orange who looks like she's praying the whole time, that's the grandmother. I don't know what the big guy is doing. A son or brother or something.

Normally, and I hate to say it this way, but normally the videos are of people you don't typically care about. The druggies. The prostitutes. It's tough, because it's people you know. It's totally embarrassing for them.

If I hadn't have posted it, one of the news channels would have. I haven't responded to the people telling me to take it down. But, I have a constitutional right to observe, and to do journalism. I'll stand my ground.


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