A Found Love Poem To A Sporty, Dyslexic, Russian Orphan Girl

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Today's entry in our ongoing Unsolicited Letters series is an odd one, but kind of beautiful. A love poem to a soccer-playing, god-fearing orphan.

Reader Scott explains how this came into his possession:

I lived in one of those rat infested college rentals that saw a high turnover of students year-to-year. Needless to say, we got a ton of junk mail from previous tenants. We kept all this mail in a box and if any past tenants stopped by we'd hand them their crap.

So one drunken night I decided there was one letter that had been in our possession for over a year that needed to be opened (yes, I know this may be illegal). It was just a plain, nondescript envelope, but it was speaking to me. The contents of the envelope contained this gem:

If you've anything unsolicited (or unrequited) lying around that you think the world needs to see, please send it along.

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