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A Great White Shark Ate This Man's Hand

I find it amazing how after surfers get attacked by sharks ,some of them jump right back in the ocean and continue the sport with less body parts. But here's another handless Aussie surfer walking through the raindrops.

Glenn Orgias had his hand chomped off by an 8-foot Great White shark last February, but after a few weeks of rehab he headed back to Bondi Beach to surf again. He admits he was "nervous" at first but once he hit the water, he was fine. Besides being without his left hand, of course.

"It was a totally different way of surfing," he said. "I felt like a was a ten- year-old kid learning all over again. It's definitely a new technique, a new way of learning how to do things, but its fun, I enjoy it."


Orgias joins a growing club of limbless surfers who continue to surf post-attack which, even if they do have the odds on their side, seems completely insane to me. Then again, if I step on a horseshoe on the beach it it would take me two years to go near the ocean again so I'm obviously the wrong person to rationalize their behavior.

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