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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Z-Bo's back, O.J. Mayo's somehow transformed into a disciplined and all-around player, and the Clippers overcame a late 24-point deficit to win Game One. The Memphis-L.A. Clippers series has been a cornucopia of improbabilities, and it continued last night as the Grizzlies took Game Two 105-98 despite the Clips shooting 57% from the field.


So maybe it's fitting that some aspects of last night's game were worked, such as this incident featuring pro wrestling legend and Memphis native Jerry "The King" Lawler. TNT showed a brief clip of the routine during halftime, during which Lawler (wearing his crown and a Grizzlies jersey with "King" on the back) grabs an individual in a Clippers shirt and performs a classic piledriver.

Maybe he's done this bit before, we don't know. What we do know is that Lawler is 62 years old and that basketball floors are considerably harder than professional wrestling canvases. Kudos to the "Clips fan" playing the Andy Kaufman role for possessing some brass balls; we personally wouldn't risk our literal necks for this kind of stunt. [TNT]

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