Athletes! Listen up! If you must bring a groupie back to your hotel room, don't leave her in there alone. She will take photos of everything and share them with the world.

A hotel key! I wonder how she got that?

Our mystery woman, by the way, is Ashley Nichelle Davis, a "model/actress/future lawyer," who claims that the photos were leaked by an "ex-friend."

This is McFadden's player pass. It'll get him into the stadium, which may or may not be where he was when these photos were taken. I'm going to assume he wasn't in the hotel room at the time, because of the next item on our tour.


Okay, now that's fucked up. A photo of McFadden and the mother of his child, with whom he's still in a relationship.

Some bling. "Five-0-1 Boy" refers to the area code in North Little Rock, where McFadden grew up.


A box of memorabilia.


A Raiders hat. Hologram sticker still on the brim. Is that still cool?

Assorted signed items. Because every groupie needs a parting gift.


And here's Run DMC himself, in a self-photo that's so trendy among athletes these days.