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A Horrific Injury To The Hurricanes' Malcolm Lewis Prompted A Surprisingly Tender, Touching College Football Moment

Sometimes the worst injuries don't result in any broken bones. That was certainly the case yesterday, when early in the Hurricanes' game against Georgia Tech Miami receiver Malcolm Lewis fell victim to a twisting tackle that left his foot turned 180 degrees in the wrong direction.

The gruesome injury even startled Lewis's Hurricanes teammates. The Sun-Sentinel explains Miami coach Al Golden immediately rushed to Lewis's side, and you can see him in the video above cradling the freshman as medical attention is given to the mangled foot (since diagnosed as a dislocated ankle).

Golden's been under the gun since his arrival in Miami from Temple, dealing with a lingering compliance scandal as well as a possible recruiting violation of his own. All the while, he's tried to maintain the intensity that has been his motivational hallmark. That's what makes his moment of tenderness yesterday worth recognizing; here's a coach whose career has been built on his identity as a tough guy, yet perhaps his career legacy (assuming he doesn't win a national championship) may be this touching episode.


Miami overcame a late deficit to score the final 23 points of the game, beating Georgia Tech 42-36 in overtime. [ACC Network]

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