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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Australian defender Eddy Bosnar's free kick goal for Korean squad Suwon Bluewings may be a new record holder for velocity after scoring Sunday against Ulsan.

That's according to Korean site TVReport, which measured Bosnar's kick as having an average speed of 121.68 km/h—apparently enough to beat various claimants to the title, including Cristiano Ronaldo, Juninho, and personal favorite Hulk.


These sorts of things are difficult to measure, of course, without a radar or laser gun. TVReport's claim uses distances; while the YouTube video isn't of enough resolution to measure it perfectly, we were able to ascertain the speed the ball traveled through the box at 118.8 km/h using frame analysis. Given the ball had a higher velocity when kicked, 121.68 km/h sounds about right. Of course, there's plenty of ridiculous claims on the Internet of 200+ km/h kicks, and there's apparently no actual Guinness-certified record for the feat.

Bosnar, previously of Dinamo Zagreb (and who earned a paycheck from Everton for a brief period), led Suwon to a 2-1 win and the Bluewings currently sit atop the K-League standings.

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