• Tonight's weekly examination of Philly street fights starts on the same subway line which recently brought you "Guy carrying AK-47. cash, weed, pills and ammo." (SoV, instantly) Bonus coverage: "Fight at the Philly Games" (SoV, instantly) Bonus coverage II: "Stiller Game jumps Eagles fan pt.2" (SoV, I'm not quite sure if beating up a baby doll qualifies as pure violence, just oddity)


• This just in from TNF Beijing Correspondent Anthony Tao: "Not Even Bruce Lee Could Take On This Many Opponents." (SoV, 0:03)

• Если вы стоите перед моей машины, я буду бить вас в грудь, приятель! (SoV, 0:08)


• Another week, another Eastern European group brawl in a field. This time, it's Polish gangs. (SoV, 0:15) Bonus Coverage: "Polish doormen on Mallorca attack German tourists Fight."

• The "Be Ready For A Santa Rosa Bus Stop Fist Fest" PSA:

• Foreign road-rage highway brawlers FTW! (SoV, 0:35)

• 'Twas a quaint evening, tucked away on a cobblestone oasis, until the "massive street fight" broke out. (SoV, instantly)


• Your Five-Fingers-Talking-To-Face Remix:

• Here's Your Amazing Algerian Seaside Face-Meets-Water KO! (SoV, instantly)

• Down the rabbit hole we go to Savannah, Ga. for this fishbowl-y shot "ghetto brawl" which seems like the greasers and socs meeting in a shopping-center parking lot to do battle. (SoV, 0:15)


• Others: "Let's Watch A Texas Cop Bodyslam A 15-Year-Old Girl." "20th street dog fight." "Street Fighter Fight in Hollywood CA. Stevie J Face." "Ol' Bonnie Kilmarnock." "Fight in parking lot." "Drunk Brawl On The SUb-way." "street fighter of 508 gb." "Don't miss this street fight." "girl fight on the 6 train." "D'Lo & Geo Fightin."

• Your "Janky Hoes Fight Must See!!!" Coda (Aka, Ode to Fryin'-Pan Kid):