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A Lip Reader Deciphers The Rest Of 2013's Manager-Umpire Fights

Lip-reader Evan Brunell is here to once again decipher a collection of manager-umpire fights. Previously, Brunell deciphered all of the arguments from the 2012 season and the first half of the 2013 season. Here now are the fights from the second half of the 2013 season.

Miguel Cabrera and Jim Leyland vs. Brian Gorman, September 9


Miguel Cabrera: (OBSCURED)—bullshit. (TOSSED) Oh, no, no, no, man, hey, hey, hey, hey—no no! I stopped listening, I stopped—

Brian Gorman: (OBSCURED)

MC: No, no, no, no, no fucking way, no fucking way, man!

BG: Come on.

BG: He can't do —

MC: No fucking way!

BG: You can't do that.

MC: Dude, dude, (OBSCURED)

BG: (to Jim Leyland) (OBSCURED)—He said it too many times—

MC: Fucking bullshit!

BG: —That's bullshit, that's bullshit, that's bullshit.


BG: He did turn around, Jimmy. Jimmy, he did turn around.


BG: And I let him know—

MC: That's fucking bullshit!

BG: —He turned around again, I let him know. He turned around AGAIN, I let him know three times. And then he—(CAMERA CUTS OFF)

MC: You can't do that, you can't do that man…No that's not, fuck that. You lie!…You lying right now. You lying right now!


MC: No, that—you lying, man. That's fucking lying.


BG: (TOSSES Leyland) Get outta here.


JL: —what the fuck is wrong with you guys?

BG: What the, what are you talking about?


BG: —said that's bullshit, bullshit. Jim, that's —


BG: Jim, Jim, I let you come out and hear an explanation, he said that's—


JL: —said bullshit three times. Wait a minute. That's all he did. That's all he did.



BG: I know. Alright, let's go.


JL in dugout: Bullshit three times. He said bullshit three times.


JL: —Got to be fucking shitting me. That's all, fucking ashamed of yourself. That's all, fucking ashamed of yourself.



JL: Not fucking fair! I wasn't even arguing with it! Fucking joke!


Mike Aviles vs. Gary Darling, September 8


Gary Darling: Oh kiss my ass! Who the fuck are you acting like that?

Mike Aviles: Who the fuck are you!?

GD: —Talking to me like that?

MA: —fucking call!

GD: Not a chance!

MA: Fucking guy, wake the fuck up!

Brandon Barnes and Bo Porter vs. Alan Porter, September 6


Bo Porter: I got him. I got him! You stay there. Okay? Alright, Barnesy, Barnsey.

(Barnes TOSSED)

Alan Porter: You're not coming in anytime stepping out like (OBSCURED) Get outta—


Brandon Barnes: I didn't say anything! No, I did not! I didn't say anything! I didn't say anything!

BP: Alright, Barnesy. Alright.

BB: It wasn't me! It wasn't me!


BB: That's bull! I didn't say anything!

(OBSCURED until replay)

BB: Gotta be kidding me. Fucking do your job…Me!? I didn't say anything! I didn't say shit! I didn't say shit! I didn't say anything! What? What? I didn't say anything! No, I did not! I didn't say anything!


Ned Yost vs. Will Little, August 31


Ned Yost: Yo! That fucking thing's right there!…Bullshit!

(OBSCURED, in intervening, Yost is ejected).

NY: You gonna tell me that pitch is low!? You gonna tell me that pitch is up? That pitch was right there in the middle! That—oh, bullshit!


Will Little: —was just outside.

NY: It wasn't outside!

WL: Okay.

NY: It wasn't outside! I don't know where the fuck that (OBSCURED). You gotta handle the fucking pitcher! You shouldn't be here!


Joe Maddon vs. Greg Gibson, August 26


Joe Maddon: Hey! That ball's up! That's about much! Up top! That's way up! It's WAY up! It's way up, Gibby!

Greg Gibson: —your warning. (TOSSES HIM) Get outta here.

Maddon: —yeah, but that is atrocious. It was up, man. It was fucking (VIDEO ENDS).


Charlie Manuel vs. Vic Carapazza, August 2

**NOTE: Manuel is the hardest manager for me to lip-read, so there's a lot of missed stuff here. Not sorry he's not around anymore!**


Vic Carapazza: Hold on.

Charlie Manuel: Come on, the fuck you calling him out?


CM: (around 0:29)—go ask him?


VC: Yes!

(Walks over to Gary Cederstrom.)

(Cederstrom ejects Manuel.)

CM: …fucking terrible. (OBSCURED) fucking that high!

(Honestly, the only thing I can catch that Manuel says throughout here is "Goddamn" and "Fuck".)


CM: (1:08) Goddamn it!

CM: (1:18) We're trying to win a fucking game, Gary. You're getting on our godddamn case here, again (? not sure on again). What the fuck (OBSCURED). —Fucking matter?


GC: I'm sure it does.

CM: Goddamn right. You gotta be shitting me. You fucked me in the ass. That's not (OBSCURED) fucking horseshit.


VC: That's it! (Ejection) Get outta here, Jimmy! You're gone.

Chase Utley: You're a piece of—(stops, smirks). What? What'd he do? Did he say something?



Jimmy Rollins: For what?

CM: (OBSCURED) Fucking horseshit! (OBSCURED)

Mark Ellis and Don Mattingly vs. Alan Porter, August 2

Alan Porter: You did.

Mark Ellis: (OBSCURED) I said it ONE time! (OBSCURED)

ME: —threw me out for that.

AP: (ejects Mattingly) (OBSCURED) —No!

Don Mattingly: I didn't say that, I didn't mean him, I said did you get it right or did you miss it?


AP: Right…

DM: That's what I asked you.

AP: Okay. Fine.

DM: (OBSCURED) fucking bullshit…No! Why?

(REPLAY of Ellis reaction)

ME: Oh my god! That is so bad! (EJECTED) OH MY GOD!

Clint Hurdle vs. Laz Diaz, July 25

Laz Diaz: (OBSCURED) Yes he did…I watched him the whole time.

Rick Sofield: I know, I was too.

LD: He made the turn, Clint.

RS: It LOOKED that way!

Clint Hurdle: His head went that way!

LD: No, his whole body went that way, trust me.

CH: (scoffs) His whole body!

LD: I watched—I watched him the whole way.

CH: There's no way!

LD: Yes he did. I watched him—(OBSCURED)

LD: He turned his whole body…He did do it. Yeah, turned his whole body.


LD: (Talks very fast, hard to pick out)—I'm not going to. (OBSCURED) I'm not going to check with the rest of—(OBSCURED) Yes I did.


Fredi Gonzalez vs. Chad Fairchild, July 25

Chad Fairchild: We can't review that. It's not a home-run call…I already did.

Fredi Gonzalez: What are you doing here, Chad? No, no, no, no, no, no, go back there, go over there. (EJECTED) Nobody fucking asked you to do anything. Why did you come over here!? Why did you come over here? I'm talking to Jeff (Jeff Kellog, HP ump) (OBSCURED) That's who I'm talking to. Get your ass over there.


CF: (OBSCURED) That's my call (OBSCURED) You shouldn't even come down here.

FG: How far (OBSCURED) should I walk?

CF: No. You shouldn't even come down here.

JK: Come on now (guiding Fredi back to dugout)

(JK and FG convo OBSCURED)

FG: I'm gonna go ahead and get my money's worth cuz I'm outta here (OBSCURED).

Most of convo is obscured but Fairchild says "It was a tough call." … "You wouldn't believe me." "— talking to Jeff."


Not really sure what he means by this so I could be wrong but at 2:41 Fairchild says "Ten weeks." Out of context, but that's what it looks like he says.

Dale Sveum vs. Dana DeMuth, July 23

Dana DeMuth: That's one. That's one. Do it again. Last warning, next time your ass—YOU'RE GONE! (Ejected.)…That's bullshit (OBSCURED)



Dale Sveum: Don't bump me. You're bumping me! Bullshit! You're touching me! Bullshit! (OBSCURED) No it's not! (OBSCURED) It's bullshit! (OBSCURED)


Robin Ventura vs. Gary Darling, July 23

Gary Darling: He was trying to jump around

Robin Ventura: He was standing right here. He tried to jump into him.

GD: No. He wasn't trying to (OBSCURED)

RV: —Already stopped. (OBSCURED) He was going into him.

RV: —Fucking call. Fucking shit call. He was fucking there, and he (OBSCURED — Thanks, Adam Dunn!)




RV: He was right there, he fucking stopped and you know it!

Jonny Gomes vs. Todd Tichenor, July 14

Jonny Gomes: Time!

Todd Tichenor: He was already coming!

JG: No he wasn't! I put my hand back! (pantomimes)


JG: Why are you throwing me out?

Joe Maddon vs. Paul Schreiber, September 29


Joe Maddon: (obscured to pitcher, turns to umpire) What the fuck's going on!? What (Umpire tosses Maddon) the fuck you doing? What the fuck you doing? You're fucking like 10 pitches you fucking missed today! Fucking (OBSCURED) strike all fucking day!

Paul Schreiber: I told you six times, you're done.


PS: You're done. You're done…Alright, I see. I got you…I got you…I got you.

JM: But you suck!

PS: I'm not fucking—


PS: Bullshit!

JM: (OBSCURED) YOU FUCKING SUCK (OBSCURED) OWN IT THE FUCK UP! (OBSCURED) I don't believe you said that, but you fucking are!


Clint Hurdle vs. Mark Carlson, September 20


Andrew McCutchen: Goddammit.

Gaby Sanchez: Why are you giving us a warning?

Mark Carlson to Sam LeCure: (OBSCURED) My ass, OK? And then (OBSCURED)

Clint Hurdle: Why are you giving him a warning? (OBSCURED)—hit him on purpose.


CH: —purpose. There's no way (OBSCURED) standoff. There's no way you can give him a warning.



CH: I am going to argue it.


CH: There's no way you can give him a warning cuz you thought he was going to hit him.



CH: Why? You made a bad decision. You made a bad decision.


CH: He didn't hit anybody. He didn't hit anybody! Where is your argument coming from?



Gerry Davis to Dusty Baker: (laughing) I understand, I understand.

DB: Fucking mad at him—for playing that game.

GD: Listen, listen…

CH: You got to be kidding me.

(OBSCURED) (Now we're in a split screen with Hurdle and Dusty Baker. I split up the two conversations, may make sense to split them.)


CH: —Hit him on purpose.

GD: —can't let him bat again. No question about it. No question at all.

CH: Exactly why I (OBSCURED) down to first base?

DB: You think I should get him out?

GD: Yeah. We're enforcing (OBSCURED)

CH: No, you don't (OBSCURED) me here. You need to make the right call.

MC: I did.

DB: Fuck that cocksucker.

CH: You made the wrong call.


MC: No.

CH: You made the wrong call.

MC: Okay.

DB: Yeah, but that's shitty (OBSCURED) shit.

CH: It's a terrible call! (TOSSED) IT'S A TERRIBLE CALL! It's a terrible call! And that (OBSCURED) tried to hit him on purpose!



CH: No way! That's terrible. And you know it's terrible. Why would he give him a warning unless he thought he was hitting him on purpose?



CH: What your answer there? (OBSCURED) Terrible call!

Rod Gardenhire vs. Bill Miller, September 11


Bill Miller: Ron, hold on. Just listen to me.

Ron Gardenhire: I'm gonna listen, but this ain't gonna fucking happen.


RG: It's not fucking (OBSCURED), what you can't fucking do. You made the fucking call, now you're gonna start placing guys?


BM: Exactly.

RG: You're going to start placing guys? (OBSCURED) I'm not gonna listen (OBSCURED) I'm not gonna take this one. This is not going to fucking happen. It can't happen here. You can't fucking place people all over the place.


BM: Listen to me for a second.

RG: I understand what you're saying. You called it foul! That ends that play. Everybody stopped playing, and —


BM: (OBSCURED) That's why we're not going to score this guy from first.

RG: —you call it fair?

BM: We put him instead at third base.

RG: Everybody stopped playing because you called it foul. You can't reverse it.

BM: We can reverse it.


BM: The ball's on the line, Ronny.


BM: Ronny, Ronny…

RG: —fucked this up! (OBSCURED)

BM: Alright, Ronny, let me explain it to you.


BM: Ronny, it was the wrong call.


BM: I get it. Ronny…Ronny…listen to me for a second. If it was you guys, I would do the same thing. I gotta get the call right. Now—


RG: You can't stop the fucking double!

BM: I understand.


BM: We did. It was my fault, Ronny.


BM: It was only my fault.

RG: It's absolute shit. You can't do that, Ronny.


BM: Ronny, now, I want to keep you in the game—I gotta keep you in the game.

RM: I can't stay in the game if this is a hit!

BM: Yeah, well, you can, Ronny—

RG: No, that's bullshit!

BM: —because it's the right call.

RG: (OBSCURED) because of that.

BM: Ronny, we're going to have to run you. I don't want that.

RG: Well, you (OBSCURED) if you had a fucking (OBSCURED) but I can't tell you because of that shit.



RG: That is bullshit (OBSCURED) You go fuck yourself.


RG: You know what? Billy, I get what you're saying, but I can't stay in this fucking game because of that. I can't do that.


Clint Hurdle vs. Adrian Johnson


CH: You gotta make the right call. You made a shit call. You made a

shit call. (OBSCURED)

Adrian Johnson: (OBSCURED)

CH: I don't know, you missed the call!

AJ: —tell me? Yes you are...Fucking tell you (OBSCURED)

CH: (OBSCURED) that's what you do! (EJECTED)


CH: Here we go, here we go.

AJ:—in a row! Three times, I was trying to walk away. What you mean!? You're really spitting all over me. Admit it, you spit on me. Now tell me you didn't spit on—oh now you're calm—(OBSCURED)


CH: No, no, no, no, no, no—(OBSCURED)

AJ: —sprayed all over me. You knew I was walking away. I didn't say anything about you swearing at me.


CH: —lost it! You lost it! You lost it! You lost it!

Jim Leyland vs. Will Litte, August 9


Jim Leyland: You're just boiling to throw someone out.(Listens to ump's response)

JL: Wait a minute. You just threw somebody out and you don't know who you threw out?



JL: —balls and strikes. (OBSCURED), but I just want to make this point still. When you miss a pitch like that at this point in the game, even though (OBSCURED) miss this whole thing, without giving blame, but you better be expecting some grief because (OBSCURED) Torii Hunter on replay: We're trying to win a game man, let's go! It's a fucking (OBSCURED)! Just trying to win!


Don Cooper vs. Greg Gibson, August 7


Don Cooper: —All night, motherfucker! All night! All night. No shit, you fuck-(OBSCURED)

Evan Brunell is a baseball writer, and sits on the Board of Directors for the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. He also serves as president of the Massachusetts chapter. Follow him @evanbrunell and send him lipreading requests @sportslipreader.


Video editing by Tim Burke.

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