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A Lovely Way To Spend Mother's Day

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Todd Munson is a Deadspin reader who lives in Los Angeles and — like all good sons — went home to see his mother yesterday, in Omaha, Neb. When he was walking down Dodge Street, the main Omaha drag, he noticed the word "WHORE" on a sign hanging from the pedestrian bridge just above.

He looked closer, and he realized it was one man's lonely protest against the accuser of several Duke lacrosse players. The sign said: "JAIL THE DURHAM WHORE. DUKE LACROSSE POWER." We'll let Munson take it from there.


"I tried to keep a little distance between myself and the guy fearing that he might eat me, but he got all excited like crazy folks do when they think they've made a new fan. I didn't catch his name but chances are it was either Larry or Carl. He said he was out the day before and some liberal fags jumped him and tore down his signs but he was back again today because he lives in America goddammit.

He said he'd been out since one. It was six when we saw him and he said he was going to be there for another hour and he'd really appreciate it if I could support his cause by bringing him a beer. Pretty much made my trip back home worthwhile."


If you needed any more proof that cable news is making the world decidedly more stupid, here it is.

(UPDATE: By the way, they've indicted another player in the case.)

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