A Man Is Suing To Assert His Legal Right To Scream "Fuck You" At Chargers Games

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There hasn't been much to celebrate in San Diego sports in many, many years. The Chargers last won an AFL title in 1963, and, uh, the Padres have never won an MLB title. But San Diegans can't curse at the games!


Here's 10 News:

In October 2010, the Chargers were in the midst of blowing out the Arizona Cardinals at Qualcomm Stadium. Eric Holguin, an off-duty Los Angeles police officer who was at the game wearing Cardinals colors, said he was being cursed out the entire game by many fans. He said he did not respond until two fans approached him.

"Two Chargers fans came down and challenged him to a fight. He said no thank you and said, '[expletive] you' back," said Holguin's attorney, Mary Frances Prevost.

Prevost said security eventually ejected all three men. But when Holguin headed back to the entrance to meet his wife, he was greeted by several police officers.

Oh, that's even worse. A Cardinals fan wanted to curse out Chargers fans—narcissism of small differences, you know? But that Cardinals fan is fighting the good fight:

Holguin has filed a federal lawsuit against the city of San Diego, including an injunction asking the city to stop enforcing its rules for fan behavior at Petco Park and Qualcomm stadium, including the NFL's Fan Code of Conduct, which bans obscene and offensive language.

"It's vague, overbroad and ambiguous. It also prohibits First Amendment speech," said Prevost.

I'm pretty sure the First Amendment has nothing to do with obscenity, or, for that matter, things said at football games, although perhaps the public ownership of Qualcomm Stadium mitigates that. Nonetheless, go ahead, stir some shit up.

UPDATE (11:25 a.m.): There is some precedent, actually, for protection of profanity at publicly owned venues, reports Deadspin LLP. So Holguin has a good shot to win his case.


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