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Illustration for article titled A Masseuse Died In Chris Boshs House Yesterday

The unnamed woman arrived at the Bosh home around 10:30 a.m. on Monday, "suddenly passed out" in the early afternoon, and died just shy of midnight.


The police describe the unnamed woman as Bosh's masseuse, although we don't yet know why she was in the home when Bosh himself apparently wasn't. Maybe she was there to massage Bosh's wife? Early this morning, Adrienne Bosh tweeted, "A beautiful soul was lost tonight. Never take the here and now for granted. Life can be so frail."

Brian Windhorst wrote yesterday that the Heat were expecting Bosh back for tonight's game five, after he missed the previous nine with an abdominal strain. No word yet on whether today's bad news changes things.

Police: Masseuse dies after collapsing at Chris Bosh's house [Local 10]

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