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A Meme Eats Itself: Introducing "Peebowing"

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In the beginning there was Tebowing, where imitating the QB's kneel became a Tumblr-ready sport in and of itself. But once Tim Tebow himself became aware of it and propagated it, we declared it dead.

Much like the subject of genuflection, it would not stay in the tomb. The Lions' Stephen Tulloch brought it to a national audience when he broke it out after an actual sack of Tebow. Then it went tropospheric. But it needed something to keep it from getting stale. Something to give it new life. Something warm and yellow and salty, and then Nick Novak peed on the sidelines.


Novaking? Not catchy enough. It didn't take long before Peebowing was born. It's the Tebow kneel, with a micturating twist, and it requires a second person to hold the privacy towel. So naturally there's already a website devoted to Peebowing photos, because this is the Internet, and Tim Tebow, and everything is awful but also kind of funny.

[via LobShots]

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