The Giants and Dodgers plan to address the beating of Bryan Stow before tonight's game and to plead with the fans to not let passion for their teams involve kicking people until they're comatose. Still, one fan fears retaliation is imminent and emailed her concerns to us last night.

I'm going to the Giants home series against the Dodgers tomorrow. With the recent beating at a Giants-Dodgers game down at Dodger Stadium still fresh in my mind, I'm kind of freaked out about going. More on that in a moment.

If you choose to disregard my crazy, sleep-deprived thoughts below, that's okay. But I was hoping that you could at least pass on this info in case anyone else is attending tomorrow's game or one of the other two this week in SF against the Dodgers:

No one wants some drunk (or even a sober) douche ruining a nice evening at the ballpark. So if you see anyone fucking shit up or threatening someone or instigating a fight or whatever, you can use your cell phone to text park security at 80899. In the message, type in security and follow it up with an explanation of what's going on, where you're sitting and where the ass douche is sitting. Best of all, it's anonymous and you get the wonderful satisfaction of indirectly playing Umpire of your seating section and ejecting the troublemaker. Just don't make like that Ump from last season who blew a call and ruined a perfect game. I don't know how one could do that, but whatever.

Apparently, this method of dealing with shit before it gets out of hand is underused. I'm guessing it's because people are busy emptying their bladders, buying beers and garlic fries or jerking off in the men's room. As far as I can tell, this info isn't even on the Giants website. I had to go looking for it. So, anyway, I'm just spreading the word. It would be cool if you could pass it along to my fellow Deadspin readers.

One more thing to add really quick . . . for many years the Giants have been supporters of violence prevention in the Bay Area community. Follow in the footsteps of your golden world champion gods! If you let them down, they're not going to win another world series for another fifty-six years! At least that's what the hobo who lives by the Cove tells me...

Anyway, on to my late night ramblings...

It's rather depressing to me that I felt compelled to program the numbers for AT&T Park security, the SFPD and 911 into my phone in preparation for an evening at the ball park. Seriously, it's not really that unrealistic that a belligerent Giants fan might take the "Beat LA" chant a little too literally. I should be excited about attending my first MLB game of the 2011 season and watching my favorite team, not worried/scared about what might happen to someone I love donning a Dodgers jersey and hat to see his team play at AT&T Park in San Francisco. I can totally see some hometown Giants fan stumbling out of the park onto the Willie Mays Plaza sidewalk seeing a bullseye on that jersey in place of the number 7 and right above it, "Beat this LA fan!" instead of the Dodgers first baseman James Loney's last name.

Yeah, it's just a hypothetical situation that my brain keeps running wild with, but it's still keeping me awake in bed tonight. It's a legitimate concern when you think about the possibility that there might be someone out there with an "eye for an eye" mentality looking to seek revenge for the savage parking lot beating that left a Giants fan brain damaged and in a medically-induced coma after a game in LA. I mean, that parking lot up the road from AT&T Park that we always use is really poorly lit and my fiancée has been threatened before at games in SF...

I'm probably worrying over nothing and my fellow Giants followers can't be that fucked up, right? Right?

Man, what happened to baseball?