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A New Orleans Street Fight, Graded By An Unimpressed Pro Wrestler

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "New Orleans Street Fight @FrankieWatts715." Tonight's commentator: Heartland Wrestling Association Wrestler Jock "the Appalachian Outlaw" Samson. (Coming next week: Ownage in a foreign land.)

Just saw the video.

Those guys started out like bitches.

That's what I think about it! lol

My advice: Don't street fight. Get paid to fight like I do.

[Asked whether he had any fight tips for the New Orleans warriors] A street or mma guy won't ever listen to a pro wrestler, so no. But those guys wouldn't last long in the ring with the lowest guy on our totem pole!


And now, the rest of the Tuesday Night Fights:

• After watching this, I think we can all agree that picking a fight with gypsies in Bucharest ain't the brightest of moves, if this is how their ladyfolk fight amongst themselves. (SoV, 0:10)

• Bus driver wants kids to fight. Bus driver drives bus to her front yard. Bus driver watches as kids fight on her front yard. Order is restored to the universe. Florida or Ohio? h/t @owengood (SoV, 0:06)

• Two Tahitian bros take to the streets to settle their differences. One wore flip flops. (SoV, 0:05)


• April Ramirez and Blanka Trevino. Who ya got? (SoV, 0:32)

• Static at Tennessee's Iroquois Steeplechase Intermezzo:

• Twitter's HuskerInsanity sent along the link to "Meanwhile in Lincoln Nebraska," which YouTube commenter Mollydollyyy considers "a shithole college town with a bunch of racist white kids rofl." (SoV, instantly)


• A breast-exposing ladyfight in the slums of Brazil should make us all weep for the human condition. (SoV, instantly)

• This one's called "White Kid Thinks He Can Fight." One could infer that White Kid from Joplin cannot. (SoV, instantly)


• Even the Waffle House employees in Augusta, Ga. just can't seem to get along. smdh. WORLDSTAR! (SoV, 0:05)

• The "Brayden Anderson vs. Nick Haldane" Boise Battle Concussion Impact Live Look-In:

• Vandal And Bentley's third round ends in blood w/Rounds One and Two. (SoV, 0:08)


• It takes a keen ear to realize that the woman who bares her breasts when called a "fat bitch" is the one who seemingly prompted the Fightin' on the Dock that appears nowhere near her initially. That, and there's really just a whole lot going on here. (Start of Flashing, 0:46; SoV, 1:00)

• AIRPORT BRAWL! (SoV, instantly)

• Topless race war at Causey. (SoV, 1:05)

Camden NJ's Formerly Drug-Addled Rocky Drops Taunter Outside Store Intermission h/t tomuban:

• From the 215 (and surrounding area) comes this uplifting story of a five youngsters arrested for brawling at a high school in Chester which is, like, the Camden to Philly's south (SoV, 0:41). Bonus Coverage: In which three dollar-store employees drop an alleged elder-shoplifter of soap (SoV, throughout). Bonus Coverage II: "Crazy broad jacks me in the face in Philly (SoV, 0:20). Bonus Coverage II: This one is called "Philly Fights," but that doesn't look like a Philly bus in the background. So, shenanigans, Philly h8rz (SoV, 0:04).


• TNF Beijing Correspondent has a pair of compelling featurettes today. The first: "Ai Weiwei Uploaded Video Of A Huge Brawl In Beijing’s Guijie, Purportedly Between Tibetan Peddlers And Han Chinese" (SoV, instantly). And, the anatomy of a Chinese airport rumble (SoV, instantly).

• 9:35 p.m. Last Monday night. Somewhere in Russia. (SoV, 0:53)

• The Don't Do This On Camera/Don't Not Do This On Camera, Weave-Decimating Lesson In Bitch-Calling Intermezzo:

• Prospect Terrace. East Pittsburgh. Wit kids watching. Tha pre-summer remix. (SoV, 0:09)


• Shit got real in Calgary at some point in the past, whether it be recent or ancient. It'd be helpful if someone well versed in Calgary Transit Police uniforms could chime in and offer some time-space continuum insight here. K. Thx. (SoV, instantly)

• Others: "Texas Street Fight." "Boston Boy Beat Down !" "Girls fight in karachi pakistan." "The fight with the chief:)You must see that!" "Drunk street fight in Mexico." "Hollywood bar fight." "Street fight." "DGK FIGHT." "Cherry hill street Fight." "36&Moncrief fight." "sex boobs show real fight in Singapore."


• White Castle Brawl Coda:

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