A New York Times Sportswriter Looks Back And Explains Why He Was Too Good To Be A Sportswriter

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George Vecsey will "step back" from writing a sports column in The New York Times, he writes today. His farewell column opens with an account of his beginnings:

On St. Patrick's Day of 1980, the sports editor of The New York Times asked if I would consider moving back to the sports department.

The editor, Le Anne Schreiber, said she admired the way I wrote about nuns while covering religion. Find the humanity in sports, she said. Think of it as writing short stories or plays. I cannot imagine any other approach that would have lured me back.

Oh, put a sock in it, Timesies. If you were writing plays, you would have written some plays. If Le Anne Schreiber were helping to craft short fiction, she would have gotten a job at Iowa. You worked in the toy department. Fine, you played with only the finest hand-crafted wooden heritage toys. It's still the toy department.

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