A Philly Cop Explains Why He Wouldn't Have Broken This Brawl Up Either

Welcome to Tuesday Night Fights, a weekly celebration and analysis of street-fight videos found on YouTube. Tonight's fisticuffs: "Philly's Finest Crackhead" and "Crazy woman get's a mother-daughter beatdown!" merged into one. Tonight's commentator: A Philadelphia police officer. (Coming next week: TBA.)

Much like the people of Ireland must deal with sheep in the road, Philadelphia residents sometime have to deal with the occasional crackhead blocking their attempts to travel.

So, I've been asked to comment on the whole "police drive right past" thing in this video. It's a typical damned-if-you-do/don't kinda issue.

"Motherfuckers never do their job."

Yeah. Gotcha buddy.

If the cop got out of the car and took a swing at this lunatic and cuffed her up, he'd be the first one in front of a camera when the news showed up.

So, you drive right by. Let the hood police itself of this bullshit. She was in the street for two minutes. Then, she was on the sidewalk for 30 seconds before someone beat her ass.

Then, she's gone and life in the hood goes back to normal (or whatever.) That's exactly what should have happened.

It's just another day in Philadelphia.

Deal with it.

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