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I am in four fantasy leagues this year. Last year I was in eight. I'm also the proud owner of two keeper leagues, in both of which I am commissioner. When someone asked me why I would willingly serve as such a glutton for punishment, I replied simply, "I would rather be the guy in charge."

So one of the glaring inequities I've thought about is that when one assumes such a daunting task as trying to manage a dozen post-adolescent males and their make-believe experience, you are required—by law—to work for free. And it is work, as anyone who has ever been the commish can attest.


However, if I decide to enroll our league in a premium service (which I would never do, since Fleaficker is the absolute balls), I would be required to pay for that service. This, conversely, would be totally legal.

So if one person is doing all the work and actually documenting things and is answering emails at all hours, then it's gambling...but when some other facility is doing the work and charging me for's a service?

Paging Deadspin LLC...

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