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Synthetic weed! It’s all over the sports news cycle this week, but what is it? Is it the same thing as K2? What is spice? Can it kill you? Why is everyone always smoking it? You’ve got questions, and one of our readers has unsolicited answers:

I know a lot about that stuff they call it “k2" now a days younger people are starting to roll it up like weed and smoke it the reason is because its cheaper than regular weed a whole packet of “k2" would 5-10$ and it contains usually 5 grams. It’s legal so that’s why people are starting to do it and it doesn’t show up in a drug test this drug is extreme you only need a couple of inhales and it gets you high unlike weed you would need to smoke a whole “blunt” of it to get high but you start to feel high after the 2nd hit and it usually lasts 30 mins to an hour. It’s crazy because nobody knows what’s in it and some people reported that it could put holes in your brain. Now people are mistaking “k2" for weed and then the society thinks it’s weed and say “oh weed could kill you its not good” when in reality weed isn’t bad scientists actually reported that it could cure cancer.


There you have it, folks. Weed can cure cancer.

Photo via Puja


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