A Red Sox Prospect Is Putting Together The Most Amazing Season Ever

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This afternoon, the Gulf Coast League Red Sox took on the GCL Rays. The Sox' starting center fielder, Shaq Green-Thompson, had a rough day, going 0-for-5 with five strikeouts. Yesterday, Green-Thompson pinch hit, and struck out in his only appearance. Back on July 13, Green Thompson went 0-for-2 with two strikeouts. The game before that, Green-Thompson went 0-for-3, with three strikeouts.

In his professional baseball career, Shaq Green-Thompson is 0-for-32, with 31 strikeouts. This is, quite possibly, the most incredible stat line ever assembled.


(Somehow, some way, back on July 6, Green Thompson grounded out to first base. It was, by a factor of infinity, the hardest hit ball of his career, and provided his only RBI.)

This seems impossible to reproduce. I fall, athletically, somewhere between a penguin and a non-murderball paraplegic, and if I stepped to the plate 32 times, eyes shut tightly and swinging on a prayer, I could not strike out 31 times. Shaq Green-Thompson must be some sort of performance art.


Luckily for Green-Thompson, his future is in football—he's the top safety prospect in the nation, and he'll attend Washington in the fall. But he did play a year of varsity baseball, and was drafted by the Red Sox in the 18th round, so clearly he's got some talent. Just...not Gulf Coast League talent.

The GCL Red Sox take the field again tomorrow afternoon. We'll be sure to check in.

[via SBNation, h/t Ice64]