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A-Rod Does Another A-Rod Thing

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Allowing himself to be photographed kissing his own mirror image? Check. Being hand-fed popcorn by his movie-star girlfriend at the Super Bowl? Check. Buying Us Weekly at the airport? Check. Just when you think A-Rod has done enough to show the world his complete lack of self-awareness, he keeps right on kissing his biceps and doing something else to add to the list. The New York Post says A-Rod went to lunch at a Miami restaurant with his girlfriend Torrie Wilson on Saturday—and brought along a cooler of his own food, with no intention of ordering anything off the menu. The Post's sources say it's because A-Rod is following a strict high-protein diet. But that's not all:

Rodriguez was seen asking a waitress to heat up his special meal in the kitchen, while Wilson nibbled on the poolside cafe's chips and guacamole.

The only thing that would have made this story even more A-Rod is if Wilson actually fed him the food after the restaurant warmed it up. But A-Rod and Wilson haven't been dating all that long, according to reports. Give them time, you guys. Give them time.

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