A-Rod Has Sexual Urges, Apparently

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Remind Alex Rodriguez, once again, why he decided to come to New York? As if matters weren't disastrous enough in The Bronx right now, it appears everybody's favorite sensitive boy has been gallivanting around Toronto with buxom blondes who aren't his wife. We know! We're as shocked as you! A Major League Baseball player, of all people. Well, now we've seen everything!

A-Rod, predictably, had no comment on the New York Post cover story, which details how he went to a strip club with the woman and then hopped in the elevator to his hotel room with her, alone. (No!) We can't say we envy Post reporter Dan Mangan's assignment of following A-Rod around all evening — most nights probably involve him watching Chris Farley movies, we suspect — but we think it's rather fitting that, finally, the world of sports has fully given itself up to the paparazzi. We still think someone's gonna figure out a way to blame this on blogs anyway.

But anyway ... A-Rod, for the first time in a while, vaguely resembles a normal, breathing human being this morning.


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