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A-Rod Is Serious About Dental Hygiene

Illustration for article titled A-Rod Is Serious About Dental Hygiene

You didn't think the NY Daily News would give up all their secrets did you? Sure, they leaked plenty of juicy details from "A-Rod": The Book yesterday, but there's more where that came from.


The difference between yesterday's revelations and today's are that this batch of "bombshells" actually make Alex Rodriguez look like a stand up guy. For starters, he brushes his teeth after every game. What's not to admire about that? Yes, he made a clubhouse attendant put the toothpaste on his toothbrush for him, but that's just a time-saving measure.


The book also claims that A-Rod used to brag about "wild nights with strippers," which sounds like every locker room (or office conference room, for that matter) that I've ever been in, and that he would make awkward passes at teammates' wives and girlfriends. Hey, if you're going to be a swinger you've got to take a few swings and misses, am I right?

The News also reiterates the tired story that Rodriguez is "obsessed" with Derek Jeter. Who isn't!? Approaching women in clubs and asking them if you're more attractive than the Jeet Dog is an excellent way to gauge your standing in the world. You have to set the bar for yourself.

Besides, who else is he going to look up to? Doug Mientkiewicz? (Who by the way, was a high school teammate of A-Rod's and says the steroid accusations are bunk. Actually, maybe he's not a bad role model either.)


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Doug Mientkiewicz never saw Alex Rodriguez use steroids in high school - Los Angeles Times [LA Times]

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