Yuri Sucart, Alex Rodriguez's cousin and former steroid supplier, was again the subject of controversy after being spotted in the Yankees' hotel lobby in San Francisco. Sucart isn't allowed in the Yanks' locker room or any other team-controlled area. But did you know that Major League Baseball can't ban people from public places? As Wallace Matthews points out, this isn't any different from seeing Andy Pettitte's dad, who obtained HGH for his son, watching the Yanks from the stands (and Sucart isn't even allowed in a stadium).

On second thought, let's just forget the weird racial aspect! Yiddish brings everyone together:

Asked if he had been contacted by Major League Baseball or by team officials to explain his relationship with Sucart, whose presence in the team hotel was first reported by the New York Daily News, Rodriguez said, "No, there's nothing to talk about. Everyone's kosher with everything. There's nothing to investigate. Very kosher."

Cris Carter, meanwhile, is still meshuggeneh.

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