A-Rod starts makeup for men product line, and we're all for it!

A-Rod knows he’s gotta keep that skin looking smooth like his swing.
A-Rod knows he’s gotta keep that skin looking smooth like his swing.
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Maybe it’s the break-up, maybe it’s Maybelline. Look, we all handle heartbreak differently. Some of us change our hair color. Some of us go on soul-searching trips. I sob uncontrollably for a few hours while I re-download Tinder for the 30th time. For former MLB All-Star Alex Rodriguez, launching makeup for men with the same company he and his ex-wife invested in just last year might be his method of moving on.


A-Rod is no stranger to business ventures, the former All-Star started his own company — A-Rod Corp — in 2003 and has since invested in other major companies like Snapchat, VitaCoco, and NRG eSports. Now that’s a guy who knows business. Rodriguez must have learned a thing or two from his Shark Tank co-stars, because investing in video games — or any digital craze lately — has meant big bucks.

Back to the point, Rodriguez teamed up with His & Hers — another company Rodriguez and his ex, Jennifer Lopez, invested in back in 2020 — to create their first ever makeup product for men. Now, as a former news anchor myself, I know the value of a good primer and foundation, so I offer a solid nod and golf clap to Rodriguez for making a move like this. However, I give a standing ovation for his pettiness. I love it!

J.Lo released her own beauty skincare line earlier this year, and if you don’t think that was in the back of A-Rod’s mind while he was conducting this deal, you’re sorely mistaken. I can’t begin to express the lengths some guys will go to get back at their exes after being dumped. It’s truly remarkable what some people come up with. There’s isn’t a shred of doubt in my mind that A-Rod did this — in part — just to poke at J.Lo. Rodriguez has stated that “seeing her run straight back into [Affleck]’s arms was a real kick in the teeth.”

Not only is it just a good business idea to normalize men wearing makeup, but Rodriguez now also gets his own line to cover up his blemishes for when he goes back out into the dating world. DOUBLE WHAMMY! WHAT A SMOOTH MOVE! The only thing smoother is his swing — second only to Ken Griffey Jr.’s of course.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rodriguez becomes a record producer and helps fund Shakira’s next album at this rate, or if he went on MLB Network and said that he thinks Robert Pattinson will be a better Batman than Ben Affleck was. Unless the Baseball Writers of America have a sudden change of heart on PEDs, A-Rod won’t get into the MLB Hall of Fame, but he’s already earned a spot in the post-break-up Hall of Fame for this one move alone. Well played, sir. Well played indeed.