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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

A-Rod's Ex-Brother-In-Law Sues Him Over Sketchy Real Estate Deal

Illustration for article titled A-Rods Ex-Brother-In-Law Sues Him Over Sketchy Real Estate Deal

Of course Alex Rodriguez is getting sued for selling some good investment property and stiffing his business partner out of the cash. Because you ain't fooling me with your pinstripes and New York City address, A-Rod. You're from Miami, and you're only a true Miami bro when you've screwed someone over in real estate. Even better, the guy suing A-Rod is the same person who at one point The New York Times reported was the company manager for A-Rod's not-so-lovely apartments in Tampa, Fla. Better yet, the man suing Rodriguez is his ex-brother-in-law, ex because A-Rod had a nasty divorce with his sister that included bizarre rumors that the slugger had an affair with Madonna after she seduced him with Kabbalah. It's all so Miami.


The suit was filed Dec. 17 in Miami-Dade court. It says that sometime before March 18, 2003, Constantine Scurtis and Rodriguez decided to "enter into a business relationship" for buying real estate, and on March 18 Scurtis incorporated ACREI, LLC. Afterward, properties were bought in and around Miami's Edgewater neighborhood, which has seen an explosion in housing prices recently. According to a limited partnership agreement mentioned in the suit, Rodriguez was supposed to get 94.9905 percent of the profits and about 5 percent was supposed to go to Scurtis.

So what does A-Rod do? Scurtis claims in the suit that the slugger and and other companies involved sold the properties without telling him and without compensating him. Overall, the suit claims multiple counts of breach of contract and one count of improper conveyance while asking for damages. The full suit is below.


[h/t Miami New Times]

Image via Associated Press

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