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A Rugged Sport From An Untamed Land, With Matching Accessories

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Now it's time to check in on the manly sport of rugby, where only the strongest of the strong survive, especially in the violent, brutal wilds of New Zealand, where the weak are usually ground up and fed to crocodiles.

New Zealand rugby officials are investigating allegations that Wellington Hurricanes and All Blacks forward Chris Masoe punched a patron in a bar before being hit by teammate and former All Blacks captain Tana Umaga armed with a woman's handbag. Masoe, who forms part of the tough "Devil's Henchmen" loose trio in the Hurricanes, was reported to have burst out crying when Umaga hit him.


From another account of the incident, on

The tough All Blacks flanker then burst into tears and had to be calmed before being escorted from the bar by Umaga and a female bouncer.

The handbag, by the way, has become the most famous piece of sports memorabilia in New Zealand, having topped $5,000 on before apparently being pulled due to fraudulent bids.

(Update: Apparently the item hasn't been pulled, but the bidding is most certainly fraudulent at this point. Unless Peter Jackson has been bidding against himself.)


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