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A Shawn Kemp Dunk Reel Set To Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

These two minutes and 13 seconds capture the zeitgeist of the 90s better than perhaps any other random peek into that era. For a ten-year period, people stopped following rules and started throwing shit together and stuff like this was just...normal, everyday stuff. That's what NBA Inside Stuff did when it combined Shawn Kemp dunks with a Nirvana song for this segment of (the always awesome) Jam Session.

In the 90s, there were no colors that could not be combined within one article of clothing or outfit. You wore a purple and neon yellow cardigan and red sweatpants? Of course you did, it was a Monday. Lyle Lovett presumably had sex with Julia Roberts in the 90s. Business up front, party in the rear; even the mullet just mashed a couple of things together. And no one questioned any of this, it just worked.


"The 90s" is why this video exists and why you inexplicably enjoy it.

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