A Small Way To Liven Up Any Fantasy Draft

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You might've missed this fantasy football draft over the weekend, and it's your loss. Like many, it took place in a hotel room. But unlike most, it featured those two magic little words: midget strippers.

A helpful reader forwarded along this Craigslist posting, with no further comments. None were needed. I present it to you in its entirety.

We are looking for height-challenged female(s) (as in midget, dwarf, munchkin, little person, just don't know the correct non-offensive terminology) to help run our fantasy football draft. We will be 10 males in a suite at the Mirage drafting for four hours on August 29th starting sometime in the late afternoon.

Your duties will be to make sure none of us run out of frosty beverages, to keep track of players taken on an oversized draft board (step stool included), and to wrestle under a glass table while either partially clothed or not clothed at all (this is why we would prefer more than one of you). Bonus points if you know something about football, know how to mix drinks, and enjoy making sure everyone is having a good time. We promise we will not degrade you by using your head for a coaster, nor will we expect any special favors as we value professionalism over anything.

Last year when I posted this ad we received an offer from a female who simply had no legs, which I determined to be cheating. So please, only true little people apply.

If interested, please respond by Friday. And don't worry about bringing anything as we will supply beverages, glass table, and rainbow with pot of gold.


Yes, obviously it's a joke. But imagine you were invited to this draft; you'd be pretty psyched, wouldn't you?

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