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We know it's NFL Kickoff Night, and we know it's kind of a bummer to finish our first day with a post about baseball, but we just find it tough to resist a couple of steroids guys feuding. (We always imagine them having counterintuitive arguments about who has smaller testicles.)

According to radio DJ guy Ben Maller, Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield, while appearing on the ridiculously named "CMI: The Chris Myers Interview," blatantly accuses his old buddy Barry Bonds of — get this — using steroids.

"This guy came in the same time I did, we had the same amount of home runs, and all of a sudden now he's got two, three-hundred more home runs than me as if I wasn't even playing? ... Something's wrong because he doesn't work harder than me."

The Sheffield-Bonds feud is hardly new, but it has always amused us, particularly Sheffield's famous "he stole my chef!" petulant rant. Considering that Sheffield is apparently the only athlete who says they "accidentally" took steroids that anyone believes — a faith that has always confused us — it will be fun to watch any potential aftermath.

By the way, back to that "CMI" thing; we don't know how much money we'd pay to watch Chris Myers sift through corpses but, uh, we doubt it would be much. But it's more than we'd pay to watch him interview people.

OK, now go enjoy your football game.

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