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A Strip Club Incident That Might NOT Have Featured Pac Man Jones

You know, it almost seems natural: When there's a triple shooting in Las Vegas at a strip joint called Minxx Gentleman's Club, you tend to just assume Pac Man Jones was involved. (Or Stephen Jackson. Maybe Olin Kruetz.) Jones says, though, that rumors saying that he had something to do with it are false and that the police just wanted to talk to him as a witness.

Jones' lawyer Worrick Robinson spoke to the NFL player Monday about his alleged role in the altercation: "I asked him: 'Was anybody in your group involved in the shooting?' And he said, 'No.'"I said, Then why did you leave? He said, 'When there's guns there's always someone else coming with a gun. That's what you do. You get out of there.'" "He told me, 'Man, I am not a suspect and didn't have anything to do with this.'"


Police are still wanting to question Jones, but that might just be police procedure: Whenever there's strip club shooting, anywhere, Pac Man Jones and Stephen Jackson are rounded up, just to cover all one's bases.

Pac Man Jones Denies Involvement In Las Vegas Strip Club Shooting [Sports By Brooks]

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