I've gotten a few tips about this Mikey the Chimpanzee who's apparently going to be entered in the World Seris of Poker's main event. There's some lady who travels with him, and has "trained him" to play "poker."

I have my doubts. There's plenty of video out there of Mikey "playing poker." Here's a recent clip from Good Morning America, where Mikey behaves randomly, and then his trainer claims that he recognized the pair of threes he made on the river. There's a video below from YouTube. And he's not playing poker here, but The Realests has video of Mikey absolutely ruining an achorwoman's day.

My bold prediction is that Mikey's never going to see a table. And when you can't behave well enough to sit at a table at the World Series of Poker, then you're in real trouble.

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