A Sure-Why-Not Theory Explains Why The Mavs Might Lose DeAndre Jordan

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DeAndre Jordan was all set to become a Dallas Maverick last week, but now he might be staying in Los Angeles after all, and everyone is wondering what the hell happened. Well, good news! We just received an illustrated theory from a tipster that lays out a very compelling case for how the Clippers got back into the DeAndre Jordan sweepstakes at the 11th hour.

Our tipster, Paul, attended a bachelor party at The Strand House in Manhattan Beach, Calif., last Friday, and just so happened to find himself in close proximity to another group that included Mark Cuban, Chandler Parsons, Richard Jefferson, Blake Griffin, and Spencer Hawes. All of these people were in the club together just a few hours after news had broken that DeAndre Jordan was signing with the Mavericks.


Before we get to our tipster’s theory, here is a video of Mark Cuban dancing:


Okay, on to the theory:

Blake Griffin and Cuban then got in a heart to heart talk. Here are links to two videos that I took while pretending to be on my phone while they were having a fairly intense conversation. It’s hard to see because of how dark:


My theory on this is that Mark Cuban told Blake Griffin why Deandre chose the Mavericks over the Clippers during his drunk, overconfidently filled rant. Blake then took that information and passed it on to the Clippers organization which gave them inside info on what to say to get Deandre back.

Chandler Parsons could have also disclosed some information to Blake as well but, it’s just funnier and more likely that Drunk Mark Cuban did it.


Seems like a pretty good theory to me! You blew it, drunk Cubes!


We reached out to Cuban, who declined to comment on the record.