A Very Special Guest Editor Goodbye

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Alright, time to shut this thing down.

Thank you for only ripping me two new orifices (and expanding the elasticity of a couple others) during our too-brief time together. I'm off to put on my favorite pair of Vulcan ears, head off the Chinese Theatre, and do terrible, terrible things to myself every time Uhura appears on screen. Then find Manny, because I'm going to be all riled up and want to motorboat those glorious, pharmaceutically enhanced manbreasts of his.


Have a great weekend.


Editor's Note: Hi. A.J. here. This is your DUAN. I'm packing up early because I have to be back here tomorrow morning. Sunday, Sarah Schorno is your Mother's Day hostess. Remember to buy your mom flowers.

Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. G'night. Oh, and special thanks to Mark Lisanti for gracing us with his presence this afternoon. As a thank you to him, I give you pictures of Rihanna nude. (NSFW) Good Lord.

Oh and he also requested this song because he's old.