A Warning To The Women Of San Antonio

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This comes our way from Media Take Out, and there's probably no real reason to believe that it's true, but it's a hell of a story nonetheless. A woman claims that she met former New York Knick and current San Antonio Spur Jackie Butler at the 40/40 Club in New York a few months ago.

After a night of good conversation, Chandra and the chubby forward decided to go back to his place - and that's when things began to go wrong. Chandra explained, "he was coming on to me very strong and I told him I was tipsy." And when she finally agreed to have sex with him, it wasn't at all what she bargained for. Chandra tells us, "he laid on top of me with all his weight ... breathing hard like he was out of control and kissing on my neck." And after it was all over she claims, "I went into the bathroom to spit several times and then I finally threw up."

When Chandra got home the next day she realized that she forgot her $600 Avirex jacket in Butler's jeep. She immediately contacted Butler and asked him to return the jacket, but he refused. Chandra, a receptionist, even offered to pay to have the jacket shipped to her, but the $7 million NBA player still refused. Finally, Butler stopped taking her calls.

That's what the life of an NBA superstar is all about: vomit-inducing sex and Avirex jacket thievery. San Antonio's probably a much better place for Butler, as you're way less likely to find a woman wearing a $600 jacket there. I'm sure there are still plenty of girls he can make puke, though.


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