After all the fuss and tussle that has been going on in Italian soccer, it appears they're going to be playing a ton of games this weekend in empty stadiums.

According to the findings of security standards at the stadiums, five of Sunday's Serie A games will be played behind closed doors, while five will be open to the public. Banning fans from arenas that are not considered safe and other security measures were prompted by the killing of a policeman in rioting during and after a Serie A match in Sicily on Friday. Italian agency and television reports said police were holding a 17-year-old person who was being investigated for the murder of 38-year-old policeman Filippo Raciti.

Yep, big-time soccer games being played in front of no fans. If they're not careful, they're gonna think they're playing in the United States. (Sorry, Hirshey.)

Italian Soccer To Be Played To Empty Stadiums []