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Shayanna Jenkins appeared in Bristol County court today, three weeks after being indicted for perjury relating to the murder case against Aaron Hernandez. Speaking at the hearing, prosecutors alleged that Jenkins actively disposed of evidence that could have tied Hernandez to the shooting death of Odin Lloyd.


Via the Globe:

[ADA] Bomberg said that at the request of Hernandez on June 18, a day after Lloyd’s murder, Jenkins went to the basement of the couple’s home in North Attleborough, collected a box, put it in a black plastic bag, covered with baby clothes, and then, using her sister’s car, tossed the box in a dumpster.

When questioned at the grand jury hearing about her actions, Bomberg said, Jenkins testified she had no memory of where she went, or where she tossed the box away.


The district attorney alleged that Jenkins tried to get cleaning staff at Hernandez's home to sign non-disclosure agreements after Lloyd was killed, and that Jenkins knowingly lied to police when she claimed Lloyd was a drug dealer.

Jenkins is due back in court on Nov. 6.

[Boston Globe]

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