Aaron Judge to Hollywood?

Latest talk has Dodgers hot for soon-to-be free agent, let’s discuss

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Aaron Judge
Could the Dodgers make Aaron Judge an offer he can’t refuse?
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Aaron Judge hadn’t been a free agent for…well, he’s not even a free agent yet at all, and already there is buzz that the Dodgers will be hot on his ass as they bid to create a 125-win team. The kicker is that according to MLB.com’s Mark Feinsand, the Dodgers would ask Mookie Betts to move to second base to accommodate Judge, even though Betts might be the best defensive right fielder around.

Imagine thinking the Dodgers would want to protect Chris Taylor in left so much that they wouldn’t punt Judge over there to have the best defensive outfield of Judge-Bellinger-Betts. Or they could let Bellinger walk because he keeps going to the plate with a pool noodle instead of a bat the past three or four years and let Betts and Judge handle center off-and-on for a year until they figure something else out.


You would think Bryce Harper’s heroics would lead to more teams being in on Judge and dreaming of their own moments, and it’s pretty safe that at least the Giants and Mets make a passing effort. The World Series hasn’t even started, and the greatest chase is already on. How NBA of them.