Aaron Rodgers Is A Sniper

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This sort of dead-eyed efficiency might be standard among NFL quarterbacks, and it’s just that we rarely see it from this angle. But I’m guessing not:

This was Aaron Rodgers hitting Randall Cobb in stride for a 29-yard gain, the biggest play of the Packers’ first-quarter TD drive in what would eventually be a 24-21 win over Minnesota. I’m struck by how quickly it went down: Rodgers catching sight of Cobb with a little separation on Captain Munnerlyn, winging the ball at an awkward-looking oblique angle to his body without taking his eyes off Cobb, and leading him perfectly, hitting him in stride and just out of Munnerlyn’s reach.


Think about how incredible that is, and how things can go horribly wrong when a QB is just a hair too slow on the draw on just one of these aspects. Being a quarterback is hard! Aaron Rodgers’s existence is unfair.

H/t Andy.