Activation is not the same thing as, like, thrusting him under center in mid-season form, but this is still very much A Thing. The Packers reportedly also released backup Joe Callahan, and it sure sounds like Rodgers will be on the field Sunday afternoon:

“It’s going to take getting out there, getting that first pass, getting that first hit,” Rodgers said this week. “And I’ll probably settle in.”

Packers quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt offered to help him with the latter — just to get it out of the way — before kickoff on Sunday against the Carolina Panthers.

“I told him as soon as we get done with pregame, I’m going to tackle him — just get it out of the way,” Van Pelt joked.

Van Pelt, an NFL quarterback for nine years, said it’s important to know you can take a hit.

“It kind of gives you that reassurance of ‘OK, yeah, I’m fine,” Van Pelt said. “Now relax and go play.”


The Packers are currently 7-6, and sit at ninth in the NFC. They probably need to win out to have any chance at the playoffs, but if Rodgers is healthy they certainly have the man for the job.