Aaron Rodgers Makes Fun Of Russell Wilson By Crediting God For The Packers' Win

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After the Packers’ 27-17 win over the Seahawks last night, Aaron Rodgers gave the credit to God. Which wouldn’t be a thing, normally: athletes do that all the time. Except Rodgers is already on record as believing God doesn’t care about Packers-Seahawks games. This was a shot at Russell Wilson.

Rodgers threw some credit to the big man upstairs in his answer to a seemingly unrelated postgame question. “And then getting help from God,” Rodgers said. “I think God was a Packer fan tonight, so he was taking care of us.”


If Rodgers looked like he was struggling to keep a straight face, remember back to January’s NFC Championship Game. Wilson played horribly but the Seahawks came back to beat Green Bay. After the game, Wilson credited God for making him throw four interceptions, just so the victory would be that much sweeter. “That’s God setting it up,” Wilson said, “to make it so dramatic, so rewarding, so special.”

Rodgers scoffed when told of Wilson’s comments.

“I don’t think God cares a whole lot about the outcome. He cares about the people involved, but I don’t think he’s a big football fan.”

So either Rodgers has changed his mind on God’s fandom in the last eight months, or this was a little jab at Wilson, who must’ve felt like Job after the Super Bowl and isn’t getting much divine intervention in Seattle’s 0-2 start.


But God helps those who help themselves (to nanobubbles).