Aaron Rodgers Tries To Make A Fractured Packers Nation Forget About The Past

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Brett Favre's debut as a New York Jet proved all the skeptics wrong. Favre came out firing finger-breaking passes, heaving Hail Marys, and jumping around like the little 38-year-old kid that the Jets faithful hoped he'd be. He played, well, just like Brett Favre. In post-game interview featured in the Green Bay Press-Gazette , Favre says he's 100% comfortable with his new team:

“I know I made the right decision.I’m a New York Jet. I don’t know about a native New Yorkian, or however you say it. Hey, I’m happy to be a Jet.”

New Yorkian. Precious. Favre's performance means that Aaron Rodgers has even more pressure to perform tonight and you can be sure that Lambeau Field will be curious to see how their team made out in this deal. The most compelling storyline would probably be if Rodgers is completely abysmal, tossing up panicky interceptions, taking bad sacks, and running out onto the field with his helmet on backwards. Even if he's mediocre and ends up with a victory, it'll be tough for the Green Bay faithful to not feel cheated out of one more season with Favre at the helm. Can you blame them? ***************** Tonight, ease back into the Monday Night Football routine. Grab yourself a sawhorse, break out the fancy party crackers and do it up right. And remember, Sussman will be here later making the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders 400% more interesting. Translation: full-frontal male nudity every quarter. Welcome back, football. We missed you like a long-lost golden retriever. Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin and all of our rounbdall-loving, headphone-wearing Canadian friends.