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In an interview with the New York Times, noted bad opinion-haver Abby Wambach was given another opportunity to show her ass on the topic of the USMNT’s use of foreign-born players. Unfortunately, she couldn’t resist:

What are your thoughts on the men’s national team? You said last year that you thought Coach Jurgen Klinsmann should not use so many dual-national players on his team. Do you still feel that way?

Do I agree with everything Jurgen has done? No, I do not. It’s just my opinion, and I’m entitled to that. It feels a little bit odd to me that you have some guys that have never lived in the United States that play for the United States because they were able to secure a passport. To me, that just feels like they weren’t able to make it for their country and earn a living, so they’re coming here.

But do they have that killer instinct? I don’t know. I’d love to sit down with Mix Diskerud and some of these other guys and talk to them about it. I’d love to understand how much they love their country. I believe they can have love for both countries, but I’d love to hear it, and I think so many other people would, too. If this is an ignorant opinion, I’ll raise my hand in the end and say, “My bad.” But I’d want to have that conversation.

We’ve already spent too many words and brain cells explicating why Wambach’s opinion here is dumb, so there’s no need to wade back into those waters. But it’s worth making a single point here. It’s nice, maybe, that you’re open to sitting as judge while you require some of your fellow Americans to expound for you their love of country—a sort of Patriotism Test to go along with the citizenship one—but here’s the thing, Abby: those guys don’t owe you shit.

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