About That Glogging Thing ...

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As many of you know, while the rest of you were all out enjoying cool icy beverages and collectively mocking Carlos Mencia commercials over spinach dip during the Super Bowl last evening, we were in our dark apartment, tapping out the live "glog" at CBS Sportsline. We were reminded that there's a reason The Mighty MJD does most of our live blogs around here; we're not particularly skilled at it. By the end of the third quarter, we got all Tourette's and just kept typing "Slant pass to Addai" over and over again. If you dare to look at the thing, you can find it right here, in case you're the type of person who likes to read live recaps of a (dull) game that ended 12 hours ago.


On the whole, even though we think we didn't do that well, it wasn't a terrible experience. The folks at CBS were nice enough, despite some technical glitches late, and they didn't censor anything, though we might have been subconsciously more gentle than usual. (We were not brought up to go stomping mud through someone else's house.) We found it strange that columnist Gregg Doyel appeared to want to start some fake feud with us; we were too busy typing to pay it much mind and just wanted to go about our business. (As anyone who has ever been desperate enough to Google "Will Leitch" knows, we're not exactly the most popular person over at Can't Stop The Bleeding, but we couldn't help but agree with his assessment of Doyel's "taunts": "One of the keys to this self-referential shit is that the person responsible should be halfway interesting in their own right. Or at least not so completely transparent in their desperate attempts to fashion a personality cult out of thin air. Not that I would know anything about such subjects, but it blows my mind that Doyel — attending the fucking Super Bowl, folks — is using his valuable laptop time to look up personal details about Deadspin commentators who are making fun of him. Hey, I'm not above doing the same thing, but that sort of behavior is a) not something an adult would brag about and b) is best devoted to the hours of say, two or three a.m., as opposed to the 2nd quarter of THE BIGGEST SINGLE SPORTING EVENT ON EARTH." )

But regardless: We're all about the love here. It wasn't the most fun way to watch a sporting event, but everyone was nice enough, and it was over before we knew it. But we mainly just missed all you guys; it was lonely over there. We think we're gonna resist the temptation to glog again anytime soon.

Live Glog: Super Bowl XLI [CBS Sportsline]
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(UPDATE: Doyel writes in:


Let me get this straight. You ask for a truce last night on your glog, saying: "We'd like to raise the peace flag to Doyel over here. I made fun of him — gently — once for being aggressively mean in his mailbag, and ... I guess it's a dork war? Let's be friends. I'm an affable sort."

I accepted, even called you classy. And now today — now that our "fake" feud can't be done in real time — you take more shots from the comfort of your hyena lounge?

I love your site. I do. And I'll keep coming back for the entertainment value and also so I can get ideas like the Barbaro column. (No shame in admitting that other people have good ideas, too.)

But you've got to be kidding.


Our response? We really think this is all quite dopey. And this lounge is leopard ... obviously.)