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ACC Admits Clock Error; Does Absolutely Nothing Else

Just to follow up quickly on the Duke/Clemson clock controversy on Thursday night, ACC officials have reviewed the tape (and here it is again, if they need any help) and after much careful consideration, have decided, "fuck it."

"The league acknowledges that a timing error was made in not starting the game clock at the correct time," said Clougherty, adding the situation was resolved internally but did not elaborate.


Yep. Fuck it.

Not that there's anything they really could do about it, but still, even a tiny little, "Hey, we're sorry," would've been nice. Without an actual apology, people might start to get the idea that the ACC people don't really mind that Duke got a high profile win instead of Clemson, and we know that's not true.

The Tigers deserve some small token of sorrow ... maybe a some coupon books to McDonalds. Maybe a Coach K instructional video. Maybe a promise that Dick Vitale will never be allowed to call another Clemson game again. Something to make them feel better about themselves.

ACC: 'Timing Error' In Clemson-Duke Finish []

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