Accomplished Female Jockey Photographed Naked Atop A Horse, Of Course

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Chantal Sutherland is one of the most accomplished jockeys in modern-day horse racing. She's won more than 900 races, including dozens of major stakes races. She appeared in several episodes of HBO's horse racing-centric drama Luck, and in March became the first woman to ride in the $10 million Dubai World Cup, the richest horse race in the world. But when Bo Derek calls up your magazine and says she wants to photograph her friend naked while she sits atop a retired horse named Tavern for the sole reason that Lady Godiva once rode a horse naked to protest rising taxation in the English town of Coventry—even though there's no evidence that such a protest ever took place—well, how can you say no, right?

The headline? You guessed it: "Filly Cheesecake."

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