According To Nathan Horton's Wife, The Stanley Cup Was Lost In Boston Yesterday

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The Stanley Cup itself excites us in ways no other sports trophy does. Some of that comes from its versatility: One can eat and drink from it. Some of that comes from its uniqueness: There's a new Lombardi Trophy every year, but there's only one Cup. And the winning team's players get to take that one cup and do whatever they want with it.

So, we understand why weird stuff happens. And we're delighted when it does, like when the Cup got lost in Boston yesterday. If only we knew more details—We know they'd be riveting.


In any event, the Bruins' Nathan Horton's wife, Tammy Plante-Horton, took to Twitter today to air some grievances about a tardy Cup. She and Hortsey were promised the damn thing, for their mini-parade in Dunville, Ontario, and yet it wasn't there.


In chronological order:

Off to get the CUP MAN in buffalo!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeee. Parade, pics then party!!! :D

Cup was lost in boston :(

CUP day cut short if cup shows at all :( sucha bummer

Parade will be late and cup will arrive this afternoon hopefully. X ur fingers jetblue gets it right

Ye Dunvillagers of little faith! You will get your Cup soon.

H/T Chris.